Overview and Analytics Spec

Pugpig Publish and Pugpig Bolt provide built-in integration for Google Analytics. 

We've defined a set of custom dimensions, screen views and events for your application and data can be tracked across all your platforms providing real-time and offline analytics in the GA Dashboards. Our full analytics specification can be found below:

Pugpig Google Analytics Spec

At a high level this will enable you to categorise and drill down data by:

  • Article, Section and Edition
  • Country
  • Platform (iPhone, iPad, Android, Web Reader)
  • Devices (e.g. Samsung, etc) and OS Versions

As well as report on things like:

Sharing Statistics
- How many articles had been shared
- How many articles in a Sections or Issue had been shared
- How many articles were share by sites/email (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Twitter, etc).

Usage Statistics
- How many times an article had been read (Unique users and overall)
- How long did users spent on reading the journal (Average Per User and Total)

Bookmark Statistics
- How many bookmarks per issues
- Which sections are the most bookmarked and the count
- Which articles are bookmarked and the count

Advertisement Statistics
- How many times was an ad viewed
- How many times was it clicked 

What you need to do?

All you need to do is:

  1. Set up your GA account and share your GA key with Kaldor*
  2. Add our Pugpig custom dimensions
  3. Enable Demographics and Attribution
  4. Configure with Pugpig Distribution Service**

*Kaldor add the GA key to your app container. If you are creating the app container yourself you need to add a Google Analytics key to your app config file (on iOS, Android, Web).

You can also integrate Google Analytics into your Pugpig SDK app, but you will need to add the appropriate hooks into your code and UI, to ensure the events are being tracked in the correct places.  

**If you are using our Pugpig Distribution Service there a couple of small additional steps you need to do to complete your set up which are noted here.


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