Which App Container is for me?

Before you start developing your application you should decide which product and app container to use. Below is some information on each product and what it offers so you can make the right choice.

Pugpig App Containers

Available with Pugpig Express, Professional, Connect and Toolkit product options

The Pugpig App Containers are packaged applications built on top of the Pugpig SDK with more sophisticated user interface (UI) and features you can switch on, configure and theme. Building a content publishing app no longer has to be a large expensive project with our out-of-the box Pugpig App Containers. You focus on the content - we've taken care of everything else.

The Pugpig App Containers currently available are:

  • Pugpig for Magazines
    Currently available for iOS, Android, Web
    An application with a UI and feature set appropriate for periodicals. There is not always feature parity between the operating systems. The product is intended to be used as provided, and it can be themed and configured in predefined ways.
  • Pugpig for Continuous Publishing
    Currently available for iOS, Android
    An application with a UI and feature set appropriate for regularly updated content. There is not always feature parity between the operating systems. The product is intended to be used as provided, and configured in predefined ways.

Pugpig for Continuous Publishing and Pugpig for Magazines products share a number of common features (detailed below), some of the UI for these features may differ across the products. The features listed may be developed across products and platforms at different times and our Product roadmap provides good indication of what features are coming in future releases and when they are planned for.

Common Features:

  • Page viewer/PageDocControl (webview + paging + paning)
  • Thumbnail control
  • Table of contents
  • Toolbar display
  • Embedded browser
  • Embedded full screen gallery viewer
  • Text-resize
  • Sharing (Facebook, Twitter, email, more to follow)
  • Third party integration for analytics, app ratings, push notifications
  • Settings and account login
  • Search control
  • Audio/Podcast player
  • Scrapbooking

In addition to common features, at times Pugpig App Containers may have some features exclusive to their use case and user interface design.

Pugpig for Magazines has these additional features:

  • Document pickers and filters (grid and linear edition selectors
  • Promotional displays
  • Archiving

Pugpig for Continuous Publishing has these additional features:

  • Incremental downloading
  • Ability for pages to appear in multiple places with multiple filters

Pugpig for Magazines is a great choice if you publish content weekly, monthly, yearly or anything in between. If you want to offer your printed content digitally, make the most of app stores and newsstands, engage your readers and provide an exceptional user experience it's an ideal choice. If you're happy to use our Pugpig for Magazines app design and functionality you can build and release your app quickly and at low cost. With this option you simply theme and configure your app and submit to the app stores of your choice.

Pugpig for Continuous Publishing is designed for regularly updating content. Best suited to content published as individual articles in a format similar to that of a newsfeed, instead of being grouped into editions that are released at fixed intervals. If you're moving away from traditional publishing models in favour of a regularly updating content feed, Pugpig for Continuous Publishing can help. Simply publish your content as and when it's ready and your app will update with the latest stories. Currently available for iOS.

It is possible to extend Pugpig App Containers beyond what we've built with bespoke development work, but should you do this the product support under the Software Licence Agreement is restricted to supporting the SDK, and the customer is responsible for the management of upgrades. The amount of custom development work that is done on top of our App Containers may affect your upgrade path and taking new features as they are released. For more information get in touch.

Pugpig SDK

Available with the Pugpig Professional, Connect and Toolkit product options

The Pugpig Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of compiled libraries that provide core services to power every Pugpig app regardless of the use case. Basic example user interfaces (UI’s) are included as a starting point for the majority of app controls we offer. These basic UI’s can be customised and extended or completely re-designed to suit your requirements. The SDK can be downloaded from the Pugpig website. There is not always feature parity between the operating systems. The features covered by the SDK are:

  • ppAuthentication - Authentication API
  • ppDocuments - Downloading / processing Documents
  • ppSharing - Integration with social networks and email
  • ppSearch - In-document search (offline)
  • ppAnnotations - In-document note-taking
  • ppScrapbooking - duplication and storage of documents
  • ppAnalytics - hooks to track various events
  • ppSounds - ability to play audio files
  • ppBridge - JS Bridge functions for galleries, camera, analytics, calendar events, etc

Our SDK is currently available for iOS, Android, Windows (beta) and Web (beta) and is a great starting point if you or your customer want complete control of how your app looks and works. If you have specific needs and requirements which mean you want to extend and build on our framework, add your own features, or connect with your own APIs and services, it is all possible with the Pugpig SDK and you can download it from our website today.

If you are interested in our product roadmap, login to view the latest version.


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