The Pugpig Sales Cycle

Below is an overview of the typical stages of a Pugpig sales cycle.

Scoping the Opportunity

Once you've identified a prospect who is interested in creating an app (or set of apps) for publishing content, you'll need to determine whether or not Pugpig will help meet their needs. 

The Kaldor team typically set up a scoping meeting with relevant people from across the business (commercial, technical, creative, editorial). Over the course of the meeting, we give them an overview of how Pugpig works from a technical standpoint and demo apps to show the different ways our framework can be used to meet the needs of a specific client and their target audience. 

The topics we normally discuss include the kind of content the prospect would like to publish, what their production cycle looks like, their requirements for app functionality and layout design, the devices and platforms they're looking to target and which third parties they would like to integrate with (for subscriptions, advertising, push notifications, analytics, etc.). We also include an overview of project costs - which consist of licence fees and professional services for the app set up.

We have a planning and tracking document that we use to scope projects and provide initial estimates (this is available for active partners and can be accessed in our Delivery Accelerators section). 

As part of the scoping stage you will also need to make a decision on which Pugpig product to use. If you're not sure check out our support page Which Pugpig is for me? And if you still have some questions, feel free to email us


Proof of Concept

Before agreeing to do a project, a client will often want to see a proof of concept that showcases the main design elements and functionality they would like to include in the end app(s).

POCs vary in scope and complexity. They can take anything from 1 to 10 man days to complete and range from a basic tweaking of Pugpig for Magazines or Pugpig for Continuous Publishing to complex custom builds with the Pugpig SDK.

Pugpig partners receive free assistance from the Kaldor team for POC creation, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your project and see how we can help you out.


Project Sign-Off and Planning

After a client has reviewed and approved the POC, you would provide a revised set of project estimates in a statement of work. Once a client is happy with these and signed off budget, you would then go on to plan the delivery of the project and have the client sign the service and software licence agreements.


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