PDF and AI Design Guides

Our Pugpig for Magazines theme design guide PDF is available here

Our Pugpig for Continuous Publishing theme design guide is available here

It includes tablet and mobile app views and states, documentation on the available theme and config options and the keys you can use in your plist files when building your app. Using this document you will be able to see the colour theme changes across a Tablet and Phone mock-up.

This design file is also available as a layered Illustrator .ai file. If you require this please request by contacting Each app view has it's own layer, and there is an Example App layer so you can see how the theme options have been used. You can also use ‘Swatches’ found under the ‘Window’ drop down and marked as Primary and Secondary to change the default colours used across the app UI. You or your developers can reference these hex values in the app theme.plist file. Most UI elements will inherit a default colour but you can use specific keys to override anything to suit you design needs.

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