Upgrading iOS 1.1.0 to 1.2.0

Before starting please follow 'Upgrading your project' to ensure you have the correct Pugpig version installed on your machine, as well as a recent back up your code. Then follow the process to update an existing Xcode projects Pugpig framwork files. We recommend using Xcode to 6.0+.

Next open the project and carry out the following steps:

  1. Pugpig Auth keys have moved in Config.plist.
    In order to support multiple authorisation providers we have moved these into a dictionary item. Create a new Pugpig for Magazines project to see the default config.plist structure, also referenced below:
          <key>Edition Credentials</key>
          <key>Renew Token</key>
          <key>Sign In</key>
          <key>Verify Subscription</key>
          <key>Product ID</key>
          <key>User ID</key>
          <key>User Password</key>
        <key>Should POST</key>
  2. New assets added
    The assets supplied have changed considerably since 1.1.0. We have adapted them to have consistent line weight and have added @3x versions to support the iPhone 6 Plus device. The recommended way to upgrade is to backup your custom assets, then replace the .xcassets folder with the new one (from the v1.2.0 installer), and then drop in any of your custom images you want to override for your project.
  3. New features supported
    - "Enable Annotations" (defaults to false)
    - "Enable Wishlist" (defaults to false)
    - "Enable reset" (defaults to false, Magazines only requires multiple OPDS feeds)
  4. Multiple OPDS feeds supported for feed switcher
    You can now offer the user a choice of OPDS feeds on first launch with our built-in feed switcher. To enable this replace the OPDS Feed URL entry with two arrays of strings, OPDS Feed URLs and OPDS Feed Names, which contain URLs and display names for multiple feeds.
  5. Filters
    In order to keep the old default behaviour of showing the "Downloaded" filter in the store front the following must be added to the Config.plist:
  6. Sharing copy

    Integration with the iOS sharing action sheet requires that we drop support for %url% (which is now automatically attached to the sharing item) and %content%. %title% and %summary% are still supported.


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