Upgrading version 2.3.0 to 2.4.0

Our v2.4 Pugpig libraries are available for download on our website here.

Before updating please read our important announcement on Xcode 6 and old templates here and ensure you have project backups.

Below are the major changes in v2.4:

  • Support for Xcode 6 and iOS 8 (apps using older Pugpig SDK releases work on iOS 8 as long as they were built and compiled with Xcode <6)

  • The KGPushNotificationManager's interface has changed to support generic KGPushNotificationManagerDelegates and Urban Airship functionality has moved out of the KGPushNotificationManager and into KGUAPushNotificationProvider which implements the new KGPushNotificationProviderDelegate protocol.

    If you use Urban Airship you will have to adapt your code to initialise and configure a KGUAPushNotificationProvider which you will then set as the providerDelegate of the KGPushNotificationManager.

  • A KGActivityItemsBuilder has been added to facilitate the creation of activity items for sharing using the UIActivityViewController. Example usage:
    UIActivityViewController *avc = [[UIActivityViewController alloc] initWithActivityItems:[[[KGActivityItemsBuilder alloc] initWithPageControl:self.pageControl] activityItems] applicationActivities:nil];
    // Follow Apple's instructions for presenting the avc
  • KGDocumentSharingDelegate, KGEmailSharing, KGTwitterSharing, KGFacebookSharing, KGSharingActionSheet have been deprecated. Please use the new KGActivityItemsBuilder with a UIActivityViewController. You will need to add Social.framework to your list of linked libraries.
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