How to Add Promos

Note: Pugpig Promos are available to use as a native module for Pugpig SDK iOS (v2.3+) and Android and included in Pugpig for Magazines for iOS (v1.1+) and Android applications. Our Drupal Connector (v7.x-1.14+) also supports them and now so does our Distribution Service which you can use with any CMS including Wordpress. Web support coming soon.

Enable module

If you have Drupal Connector v7.x-1.14+ installed on your environment you should enable the following module "Pugpig Promo Slot" in two places; Pugpig and Pugpig Promo Slots under the Pugpig Advanced Types group in the Drupal Modules section. Once enabled please clear the Drupal caches.

Add promo 

Before adding your promos create promo artwork and save as optimised for web .png or .jpg files. You can add one promo and image set for all platforms and devices but you may wish to create separate promos and images for them, e.g a iPad sized image promo and a iPhone sized image promo.

To add one:

  • Login to your Drupal CMS
  • Go to Content tab along the top toolbar
  • Select "Add content"
  • Choose "Promo slot" option

Complete the required fields for your promo which will create and populate a promo.json file referenced in your OPDS feed. You can find out more about this and what the fields and values mean here.

  • Title
  • Slot type: should be set to 'PPfM Promo Slot'
  • Promo type: select a value from 'Generic' or 'Subscription'
  • Placement: select a value of 'Hero' or leave blank
  • Platforms: tick the ones this image and promo size should display on
  • Spacing: leave blank if 'Hero' or set cover/column space number
  • Link: insert the action link
  • Images: choose the optimised file(s) and upload
  • Save

Check & test

Check your OPDS editions.xml feed. It should now contain something like:

<link type="application/json" href="promoslots.json" rel="" dcterms:modified="2014-07-21T13:25:12+01:00"/>

Check the linked promoslots.json file is accessible.

On a device check network connectivity then open your Pugpig for Magazines app (pointing to you OPDS feed). The app should register and check the feed then download and display the correct promo. Tap the promo to confirm the action behaviour works as expected.

Please report any bugs or issues to

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