Upgrading version 2.2.0 to 2.3.0

Pugpig 2.3 (release 5c542a8)

  • switch to using Gradle for builds
  • added ability to add pages to a scrapbook
  • improve detection of manifest files within content
  • ability to determine Pugpig library versions at runtime
  • improved markup search matching algorithm
  • allow webviews to use file URLs and cross-domain AJAX calls
  • fix potential crash when paning content vertically
  • fix problem with delegated progress view in document picker not always updating correctly
  • ensure Google Play SKUs are always lower-case (as required by the Play Store)
  • fix crash caused by download errors being show before app has finished starting
  • authorisation providers now support custom server-provided user information
  • improve ability to style the search control
  • client applications are given the opportunity to process any downloaded OPDS feeds
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