Testing Urban Airship Push Notifications

Testing Urban Airship Push Notifications

for Android

Urban Airship supports Google Cloud Messaging (GCM). GCM does not support Kindle or the Nook.

  1. Ensure the app is properly configured in the Urban Airship portal. See the Urban Airship Android documentation for information on this: and Push Notification With Urban Airship
  2. In Audience > Device Tokens copy the device token of the device (Urban Airship displays the 'last registration' time, and you can 'delete all device tokens' to clear this list of devices out during development)
  3. In Messages > Message, when you send the test push message, ensure 'Android' is toggled to on, and in 'Audience' choose ' single device' and paste the device token in the field. Alternatively you can send to all devices if you wish
  4. To test a content push, include the 'Extra key' and 'Extra value' fields]



for iOS 

Note for iOS:

Prior to setting up your applications in Urban Airship (UA) you will need to have an Apple Developer or Enterprise license and account so you can gain access to iTunes provisioning portal and create a new app ID. Registration of your App ID is required to utilize the Push Notifications (APNs) and to register an application to incorporate In-App Purchases. For more information on this see UA's Getting Started documentation and Apple Developer Documentation (may require an Apple developer login to view).

Testing a Content Push

From within your app, go to Messages > Test Push and provide a Device token (for finding device token: or in Urban Airship see Audience > Device Tokens), badge number (e.g. 1) and an alert message.

Once done, the payload should look something like this:

{"aps": {
  "badge": 1, 
  "alert": "This is the message"

Testing a Newsstand content push

Test in exactly the same way, but include content-available in the payload. You need to initiate the push when a new issue is available, but the app isn't running.

{"aps": {
  "badge": 1, 
  "alert": "This is the message",
  "content-available": 1


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