Standard Pugpig App Subscription Setup

Standard Pugpig App Subscription Setup

Most Pugpig apps offer two different types of subscription:

  • Store subscriptions, a type of in-app purchase handled by the iTunes, Google Play or Amazon store
  • Third party subscriptions e.g. Dovetail or CDS

Store Subscriptions

In-app purchase subscriptions allow users to pay for subscriptions by tapping the relevant option within the app. These are configured in Adding in app purchasing through iTunes, the Adding Amazon in app purchasing or Adding Google Play store in app purchasing

In-app purchases (whether subscriptions or single issue purchases) are completely separate to any existing subscription service your publication uses.

Third Party Subscriptions

Most Pugpig apps allow users with non-app store subscriptions to log in and access the editions they are entitled to (e.g. they may have a print and digital bundle subscription purchased directly through the publisher).

The iTunes Store has strict guidelines around how your app handles external subscriptions beyond allowing users who have previously purchased one to log in and access their content. Submitted apps breaking these will be rejected.

An app submitted to Apple cannot contain buttons or links to an external website where users can purchase subscriptions.

The requirements are less stringent for the Amazon and Google Play stores - apps have been approved that contain direct links to websites that allow users to sign up for externally-handled subscriptions.

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