iOS Submission FAQ

Q: Do I need to submit with the final version of the content? Once I am approved, will I have time to change the content?

You can submit your app with limited content. We'd suggest having more than one edition on display (it's good to submit with a free edition but also one that's paid so Apple can test your subscription functionality). To achieve this you could duplicate one edition a couple of times and change the cover and title for example. Your editions don't have to be full either. As long as you have a selection of pages indicative of what your final content will be this should be fine. Avoid using dummy lorem ipsum text and just make sure that nothing 'looks' broken.

Lastly the editions that you publish for the app submission can then be unpublished before you go live. Ensure when you submit your app that you 'hold for developer release' so you can control when the app goes live. This gives you time once your app is approved to unpublish your sample editions in Wordpress first and prep and publish your go live content - no further approval is necessary at this point (only if you submitted an APP update).

When you push it live you should be 100% confident you are happy with the content that's published and have tested and checked those editions on different devices. You can then push your app live but it can take a few hours before it's visible in the store. Once an edition is published you shouldn't make any content changes to it.

Q: Do we go live with the number of issues we have at submission or can we add some whilst we are waiting?

As above. Most of our clients submit their app, then in the one to two weeks they're waiting for approval will be finishing and creating their go live editions, we can do server side changes during this period but at the same time we need to preserve what's published for approval as Apple could be looking at it. This means productions needs to be UP and you shouldn't edit or amend the published sample editions they're reviewing. You can however be working on other unpublished ones or create new ones (in draft mode).

Q: Do I have to have free editions for submission

You can change the state of an edition from paid to free or vice versa at any point. For the same reasons as mentioned above Apple like to test all your app functionality so it would be good to offer one free and one paid when submitting, having said that if you only offered one paid I think its unlikely you'll be rejected but there is a risk. At point of submission ensure you have added a subscriber login to the 'Tester notes' for apple to use to get access to any paid content.

Q: Does Apple approve/reject my content

If you have content that Apple might consider offensive (nudity, profanity, violence), it is possible. However, in most cases, editions aren't submitted or approved by Apple, only the single edition in-app purchases, you can submit these in any order but we suggest submitting them in batches every 3 to 6 months. Ideally before you go live when you submit your app you also submit in-app purchases 3 months in advance. These are a bit tricky to explain but more info is here Setting up iTunes Connect for UAT, they are simple to do.

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