This feature is supported from v1.8.

You can customise text used by Pugpig using standard localisable strings in your Xcode project. Pugpig will respect the active language. If you don't provide a translation for a string, a default is used. The strings are read from the main bundle.

For example, adding this to a localizable strings file will change the document picker's “Download” button to read “Fetch”:


Keep the tag names as they are, and if you would like the text to be blank, leave an empty string ("") on the left-hand side. Do not remove the tag, as this may cause the tag to appear in the app.

Not all localizable strings are included in this file by default, but all the text can be overridden using the appropriate key, a complete list for Pugpig Products is available here and Pugpig SDK apps use a subset of this. If you want more info on Pugpig SDK strings get in touch.

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    Dennis Dirdjaja


    this list seems to be incomplete for PfM v1.2.1. The list in Localizable.strings doesn't seem to be complete either. Could you please point me to the most recent list?


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