Example HTML Content

Example HTML content

You can download a zip of example content here -

The three editions included have identical HTML but different navigation styles.

The editions are 'scrolled' - scrolling in both orientations, 'paned' - paning in both orientations and 'mixed' - paning in landscape and scrolling in portrait. The editions contain a cover with links to article, section-indexes and two different styles of article.

The editions can be accessed using the Pugpig Reader -

There are two kinds of feeds you can use to access the editions. The first is using the editions-manifest.xml which refers to the index.manifest, which points to all the HTML files in the order they should appear. The second is editions-atom.xml, which points to a more sophisticated atom feed, listing all the HTML files, information for the Pugpig table of contents and bookmarking links for sharing.

More can be read about the xml feeds here - Pugpig API


- the section index pages haven't been scaled for iPhone yet

- the templates are currently not fully responsive and are generally sized to fit an iPad, particularly the landscape column templates

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