Thanks for choosing Pugpig for Magazines. This section covers everything you need to know to get started on iOS, Android and Web but if you do have questions please get in touch at

Pugpig for Magazines is built on top of our Pugpig SDKs and provides an out of the box solution for launching your app. It's aim is to give customers the ability to build a beautiful app quickly and efficiently for edition based content models. It includes a theme-able User Interface with navigation that provides an enjoyable reading experience for your users. We've also added new features like scrapbooking so users can save their favourite articles onto their device. With our HTML template starter packs available on Wordpress and Drupal, producing your digital content inside a nicely designed app on any platform is as simple as possible.

Pugpig for Magazines is currently available for:

  • iOS (iOS 7+, phone and tablet)
  • Web (Chrome 35+, IE 9+, Firefox 31+, Safari 6+, Opera 23+)
  • Android (Android 4.0.4)

We will soon be dropping support for IE 9 and iOS 7.

You can obtain a copy of Pugpig for Magazines iOS and Android from our website here. We usually release official versions of the product at the end of every quarter.

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