Testing Amazon In-App Purchasing

Instructions for v1.0

Note: You can test this on devices at API Level 10 and above (minimum OS 2.3.3)

  • Download Amazon's Mobile App SDK from [11MB] (rather than the Amazon AppStore)
  • You need to install AmazonSDKTester.apk (from Apps-SDK/InAppPurchasing/tools) on your android device.
  • In the (staging) server plugin settings change the Amazon base URL to sandbox URL
  • Then create/edit the JSON file amazon.sdktester.json (note: can download the auto-generated json from Amazon portal) that needs to go into /mnt/sdcard/ on the android device. (See example below.) (Amazon suggest “adb push <sourceFile path> </mnt/sdcard/><destFileName>”, but it's usually the root of the folder when you connect via USB file sharing- this is relatively obvious in Mac Finder.) Note: May have to use Android File Transfer for newer devices
  • Then start the Amazon SDK Tester app on the android device.
  • Start the Pugpig app and test the purchases on the android device (against access allowed by json file). A successful purchase will allow you to download the edition (close the successful Amazon purchase popover first).
  • Can change test users in the SDK (create any usernames to do so)

Note: In Amazon SDK Tester App → Active Transactions can clear all to wipe- this only clears the cache for the current user, whereas cancel button clears everything and notifies the app. Use the cancel option (rather than clear all) to cancel transactions, though it's useful to clear all before starting a (new) test.

Instructions for v2.0

For testing Amazon IAP v 2.0 you follow a similar process to the above:

  • Download the Amazon App Tester app from the Amazon store (do not sideload). NOTE: this is not compatible with the AmazonSDKTester app (remove this from device/s before installing the Amazon App Tester app)
  • The JSON should still be placed on the device, and the (staging) server plugin settings should be changed as above
  • For more information on using it, see Amazon's documentation

Note: this process is not supported on Android L.

Amazon Live App Testing

Amazon also offers live app testing for beta users (much like Google Play). To use:

  • The apk must be uploaded to the Amazon Developer Portal, and app fully ready to submit (upload an update apk under 'Live App Testing' tab)
  • All IAPs must be live
  • A live test must be set up (under 'Live App Testing') - you will need to wait to begin testing until this shows the state of 'Test In Progress' 
  • The Amazon base URL must be set to the live one on the server (not sandbox)
  • Testers must be signed in to the Amazon app store/email on device/s with (Amazon) accounts added and assigned as testers in the Amazon portal. These must be real Amazon accounts (and you cannot test purchasing when signed in to the account that you uploaded the build to). The email address of the user, must match the Amazon account of the user.
  • When the test has begun, the test users will receive an email (to the accounts that have been added as testers), with a link to begin the test.
  • The tester can deliver the live app testing version of the apk by clicking the link in the email and signing in to Amazon in the browser on desktop (doesn't have to be on the device) - Amazon should show a list of devices linked to that account. If you want to check the devices linked to the test account before starting testing, log in to the tester's Amazon account and view Your Account > Manage Your Content and Devices > Devices

See Live App Testing for more information.

Note: It can take a while for live apps/live app updates to propagate.

Sample JSON

A sample amazon.sdktester.json (validate your JSON through The IDs must match what your Pugpig app uses.

Amazon can now generate the testing file for you through the developer portal. The In-App purchases section for your application has a “JSON Data File” button.

  "": {
      "itemType": "ENTITLED",
      "price": 3.99,
      "title": "17 June 2013",
      "description": "Pugpig 101",
      "smallIconUrl": "http://some/image.jpg"
  "": {
      "itemType": "SUBSCRIPTION",
      "price": 9.99,
      "title": "1 month",
      "description": "1 month subscription",
      "smallIconUrl": "http://some/image.jpg",
      "subscriptionParent": ""
  "": {
      "itemType": "SUBSCRIPTION",
      "price": 99.99,
      "title": "1 year",
      "description": "1 year subscription",
      "smallIconUrl": "http://some/image.jpg",
      "subscriptionParent": ""



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