Enabling annotations

iOS-only feature.

Annotations are an available feature in Pugpig apps. When highlighting page text (by pressing the copy and holding), the pop-up context menu will offer an "Add note" option, which enables the user to make notes relevant to the highlighted text.

In Pugpig iOS SDK Version 2.6 + the annotation feature is disabled by default.

In order to enable this functionality simply uncomment out this line in the DocumentViewController.m

[pageControl setAnnotationManager:[[KGAnnotationManager alloc] initWithPath:document.uniqueName]]; 

Older version note: Pre version 2.6 of Pugpig SDK Annotations were included by default and if you wished to disable you did the following:

In order to disable this functionality simply comment out or delete this line in the DocumentViewController.m

[pageControl setAnnotationManager:[[[KGAnnotationManager alloc] initWithPath:document.uniqueName] autorelease]];
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