iTunes Connect Developer Guide

Apples documentation iTunes Connect Developer Guide provides step by step information to help set up all aspects of your iTunes Connect account. In this section we provide a brief summary and a few recommendations.

Before you can use iTunes Connect, you must have a user account. When you enrolled in the Apple Developer Program, you created an Apple ID and password. This account is set up as your company’s Apple Developer Program Team Agent and has been given initial access to iTunes Connect. This account has full privileges. You use this account to log in, and you can later create other users.

To login to iTunes connect follow this link:

iTunes connect is made up of several modules, such as 'Sales and Trends', 'Contracts, Tax and Banking', 'Payments and Financial Reports', 'Manage Users', and 'Manage Your Applications'.

Setting up Contracts, Bank and Tax Information

Registering for the iOS developer program will allow you to distribute free iOS applications. In order to distribute paid applications you will need to request and set up the appropriate contracts, add bank information and tax information for your company.

The 'Contracts, Tax and Banking' module will take you to a new page where you can request new contract and view existing contracts in effect.

Details of this process are documented in the relevant section of Apple's iTunes Connect Developer Guide

Once a contract is in effect, you will be able to, one at a time, edit the contact information, bank information and tax information for the Paid Application contract.

You must provide banking and tax information before your contract goes in effect in order for your apps to be sold.

Providing Banking Information

You will need to supply the following information:
Your bank's Country location.
Clearing code or SWIFT code (depending on location).
Alternatively 'Lookup your Bank' will allow you to search for banks outside the US by Name, City and Post Code.

Once you have confirmed the Bank selection you can proceed to enter your account information:

  • Account number.
  • IBAN number (depending on location).
  • Account holders name.
  • Bank account currency.
  • Bank account type.

Providing Your Tax Information

In the Tax Info column for the contract, click 'Set Up'. Depending on where your legal entity address is based, you may be required to complete tax forms or certifications for your contract to go into effect. If you are based in the United States, you will be prompted to complete a W-9. If you are based outside of the United States, you will complete a series of questions to direct you to the correct tax form or certification.

Managing Users

The Manage Users module in iTunes Connect allows you to set up two types of users:

  • iTunes Connect users
    • they have access to your content on iTunes Connect based on which roles they have been assigned
  • Test Users

Create one iTunes Connect user account for each person who needs to have access to iTunes Connect. You can control which members of your organization have access to the various iTunes Connect modules any which respective email alerts they receive by assigning them one of the following roles: Admin, Legal, Finance, Technical, Sales.

For full details on these roles, their privileges and how to set them up please refer to Managing Your App in iTunes Connect

Adding Applications

To add a new iOS app, click on the 'Manage Your Applications' module in iTunes Connect. You will need the various assets and information in order to submit your binary using the application loader. For each item there is a Help button beside the respective text or menu field if you need assistance. More details on these is available in Apple's documentation.


For your app to be included in the Newsstand, first add it and then enable Newsstand as specified in the Newsstand section in Apple's iTunes Connect Developer Guide

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