How To Launch Endpoint URL

Note: This feature is available on Pugpig Reader iOS v2.0.2+

You can launch an OPDS endpoint in Pugpig Reader by adding the pugpig reader prefix to endpoints e.g. pugpigreader:// in an email or website.

Note: May not be able to launch URL from email viewed in browser directly, you would need to copy and paste into address bar, this is not an issue in the Apple Mail app.

App Settings

You can define the Reader settings for this endpoint using a fragment (#) at the end of a URL. The available settings are:

  • panemodel
  • verticalscrolling
  • verticalpaging
  • minfontsize
  • maxfontsize
  • fontsizeincrements
  • fontsizescript


  1. Vertical Pane - For the vertical pane model with paging turned off with a bigger max font size, you could use:
  2. Single Pane - For single paned content with vertical scrolling on, the minimum font size set to 1, maximum font size set to 1.8, and font size increments set to 0.4 you could use:
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