How to Licence Pugpig

Before you submit and launch your Pugpig application you need to purchase a licence key. More information on pricing can be found here. Until you licence Pugpig, your application will display a warning reminder that it is using an unlicensed version of the library.

To obtain a licence contact with the subject 'Pugpig Licence Request' and include your app name, bundle id/package name and platform(s).

We will provide you with a .licence file which should be renamed to “Pugpig.licence”. This licence file is unique to your application, and you require a separate licence file for each application you wish to distribute.

You will need to provide us with the bundle identifier of your app. Copy the licence file we give you into your Xcode project, and ensure it is included in your bundle resources. 

You will need to provide us with the Android application package of your app. Copy the license file we give you into your project “Assets” folder.

For Windows and Web licences please contact support.


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