Project Checklist for Creating Pugpig Content

Project Checklist for Creating Pugpig Content

Before you start

Before you start development, ensure you know the following:

Devices, orientations and versions

What OS and devices are being targeted?
  • iOS (iPad 1-3, iPad Mini, iPhone 3-5 etc)
  • Android (Kindle Fire, Samsung, Nexus etc)
  • Windows
  • Blackberry
  • Web
  • Which OS versions are being targeted?
    • iOS 5 and above
    • Gingerbread and above
    • Windows 8 and above
    • BlackBerry 10+
    • Browsers (Chrome, IE etc)
  • Which orientations are being supported?
    • e.g. only portrait for iPhone
  • What layout variations are there?

Development and Submission

Ensure you have completed all of these tasks:



Setup and Maintenance

  • Use the latest version of the Pugpig Libraries, available as the Pupig Live XCode Template on the website.
  • Ensure your deployment targets match the supported versions.
  • Use a single project with multiple targets. Make sure changes are at the correct level.
  • Follow the guides and maintain a consistent project structure.
  • Remember to include a Pugpig Licence in production builds.

App Behaviour

  • Ensure the app differentiates between published and draft editions in some way, and ideally Free and New.
  • Ensure the app supports expected devices, versions and orientations
  • Ensure the app shows the version number somewhere inside the Settings or About area.
  • Ensure you have set a default limit on the number of editions to keep.
  • Ensure you have set an appropriate pane manager: single or horizontal panes. Prefer the single pane model if horizontal panes aren't required by the design, because it's more forgiving if the web content size isn't exactly correct.
  • Ensure that the annotation manager is disabled, unless the project explicitly requires it.


  • Run your project through the Instruments tools to look for memory leaks and zombie objects.
  • Create test data that has at least 12 issues in it (even if they are fake repeats) to ensure edition selector still works.


  • Ensure all required fonts are embedded in the app.
  • Ensure you have all the icons and default images included at the correct sizes and resolutions.
  • Include retina x2 images (app images, buttons, etc.).
  • Ensure no extraneous files (assets AND code) are included in the project.

Appstores (iTunes/Amazon Appstore for Android/Google Play/Windows Store etc)

  • Ensure an iapplication has been created, with IAP product and subscription IDs that match production for iTunes.
  • Use the correct naming conventions if production names haven't been created.
  • Create test users.


  • Test purchasing single issues, subscriptions while both online and offline. This must include the download after purchasing.
  • Test the ability to restore. There should be some indication restore is in progress. Check interface is locked while restoring (or handles doing other things while restoring).
  • Test on an iPad 1, iPhone 3gs - primarily performance test - they have *MUCH* less memory and speed.


  • Ensure multiple subscription durations have been created as the same family, or you will be rejected.
  • If you have a free Newsstand app, ensure a free subscription has been created.
  • Ensure the release date is in the future if you do not wish it to go live automatically.
  • Ensure the Notes for Reviewer supply a user that can test the subscriptions, and explain which content to test with if relevant.

Third Party Subscriptions


  • Decide what analytics to use e.g Flurry, Omniture, Google
  • Ensure you have asked for any specific analytics requirements.
  • Ensure you are using the latest libraries from the Analytics vendor.
  • Test that all of the default events are successfully being tracked and are viewable in the analytics package.

Urban Airship

  • Test a standard push to the app.
  • Test a Newsstand push to the app.


  • If using a standard CMS plugin, ensure you have the latest version.
  • Run the app through Charles to ensure it is behaving as expected (for example, not requesting editions.xml too often).
  • Test the app with a new edition, but also with an update of an existing edition.
  • Check for any assets that are much larger than they should be.
  • If the server supports a push interface, test this.
  • Test the internal/external users ability to view drafts.
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