Setting up iTunes Connect for UAT


Setting up iTunes Connect for UAT

iTunes/Apple information

If we are developing your app for you, in order to get a production build ready for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) we will need the following information:

From your iTunes connect account:

app name
app's Apple ID
bundle ID
From your Apple provisioning portal we will require the following:

development and production push certificates (.p12 files and passwords to use them)
development and distribution certificates (.p12 files and passwords to use them)
a development provisioning profile and two distribution (ad-hoc and app store) provisioning profiles
We require your ad-hoc distribution profile to build for testflight for the final part of end to end UAT and we use the app store distribution profile to supply the app store build version for submission to Apple.

The ad-hoc profile will require you to add a UDID to your Apple Developer provisioning portal for each device you intend to use for testing to enable you to install your app.

Ideally, all the UDIDs should be added for testing before you supply the profiles to us. However, they can be updated at a later date if required. You should add some of our device UDIDs so we have the ability to test and debug your production build ourselves prior to final UAT.

Kaldor UDIDs to be added to your provisioning portal:

iPhone 4 #1/UDID: b034e351b1e7e1b5250adb65504cccc59fc3feb3
iPhone 4 #2 /UDID: b01b2175253d0cb29d1315b456779cfc3ee2165d
iPhone 5 /UDID: c0821bf1241a43b8b1d82f06b07dbe3d86ca216e
iPad 1/UDID: b732ed5a435cd2ad398bd2a40cab0adbc991cb32
iPad 2/UDID: fc7815377c4ef7bdeff075a1548d5a23dca261f8
iPad 3/UDID: 8af3ea64d8464b74cc2e98f25ac370374ae4617a
iPad 4/UDID: f23decb73b1afa830a993c4dadf6a09ea76587c2

iTunes in-app purchases

Select the app in iTunes Connect and then click 'Manage in-app purchases'. Create the in-app purchases your app requires. Non-consumable types for single issue purchases (advise setting some previous issue, launch issue and issues in the future e.g 4+ editions after launch) and auto renewable subscriptions. Within an in-app purchase you need to enter languages. The display name is used in the app and in iTunes. Your in-app purchases require apple approval.

If we are developing your app for you, we will need:

in-app purchase product IDs
global in-app purchase shared secret
This is our preferred naming conventions for product IDs:

Essentially the first part is your bundle id: where, 'com' could be '', 'publisher' could be the name of the developer or publisher, etc.

To test in-app purchases we use a sandbox mode to prevent any financial transaction taking place prior to submission. It will require iTunes Connect test users. You can create these in iTunesConnect > Manage Users > Test User. You cannot use an email address for a test user if it has been associated with an existing iTunes account. There is no need for this to be a real email address.

You do not need to set up any issues within the 'Manage Newsstand' section. This is only if Apple are hosting your feed and content.

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