Partner activities

Activity Referral  Sales  Sales, services and support
Respond to lead enquiry, qualify lead and assess customer requirements
Progress new opportunities through the sales process
Agree app set up requirements and workflow (Kaldor should be consulted for all Sales deals)
Draft license proposal and agree deal terms with Kaldor
Send license proposal to the customer and get verbal sign off from the customer to move ahead
Negotiation and sign off on customer contracts
Invoice customer and collect payment
Onboarding & app set up
Project kick off with customer: discuss app set up, milestones and launch timelines
Support customer to set up required third party accounts
Provide Kaldor with the information and assets required to set up app containers
Set up Pugpig distribution service and required authoring service (Express or Professional)
Train customer to use the Pugpig authoring tools and distribution service
Create & style app containers and share with end client
Assist customer to distribute apps internally and download to their devices
Collect app container feedback from the customer and relay any required changes to Kaldor
Sign off app containers with customer and inform Kaldor
Complete app store setup and sign off with customer
Test apps to ensure they are ready for submission and everything is working as expected. Inform Kaldor of any issues
Submit apps to the app stores and troubleshoot feedback from stores
Release apps once approved by stores (subject to final sign off from the customer)
Create a draft build of the apps for editorial proofing
Ongoing technical support & app updates (as and when required by the customer)
Renew Apple profiles and Push certificates (required on the customer's annual anniversary)
Answer general questions about how to use Express, Professional and the Distribution Service
Manage releases and deployments to Pugpig Professional environments
Manage releases and deployments of customer's CMS environments (for Pugpig Connect customers only)
Troubleshooting general app store maintenance
Troubleshooting issues with origin content sources e.g. RSS feeds
Troubleshooting issues with custom CSS
Support and guidance with advertising formats
Support and guidance with analytics
Troubleshooting custom code issues/bugs
General support, specific to a customer projects/set up
Core product support - dealing with defects, outages, infrastructure
App updates - as a standard you should provide at least one app update in year one and two in subsequent years
Provide release notes that detail new features in the latest product version
Gather all required information for app update from the customer
Provide Kaldor with a document that details customer requirements for app set up
Upgrade app containers to the latest version and update assets/information in the app containers
Sign off changes with customer
Submit app updates to the app stores
Release app once approved by stores (subject to final sign off from the customer)
Account management & customer success
All account management activites with the customer
Contact client and confirm renewal (90 days in advance of license renewal)
Inform Kaldor of any change to the license renewal
Explain to the customer how to monitor usage and burst fees
Send invoices for ad-hoc fees (including burst fees) to customer, issue invoices and collect cash
Customer success
All customer success activities with the customer
Ad hoc workshops and training to ensure customer is making most of the product
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