What if I need to transfer my app from another developer account?

We never submit customers' apps in our own developer accounts - it's always better for you to have ownership of your sales figures, app store listings and legal agreements. However, some customers migrating to Pugpig from other providers may be in the situation where their previous supplier had set up the app in their own accounts. 

This obviously creates problems when you want to take control of the app again!

Apple, Google Play and Amazon can facilitate transfers of apps between developer accounts, but only in certain circumstances.

Apple & Google Play do not permit apps to be transferred if they offer (or have ever offered) in-app purchase subscriptions.

If your app falls into this category, frustratingly Apple & Google Play will not let it be transferred in any circumstances. 

This means that the app will have to be submitted as a brand new app in your own accounts, which effectively makes it a separate app. Customers who had previously downloaded will have to download the new app, they will not receive it as an app update. All reviews, ratings, sales data and download history will be lost.

As in these circumstances customers will not automatically upgrade to the new version, it's important to message the change to them as clearly as possible. If you also have customers who subscribe directly through you, you will be likely to have contact details for them, however you will not have email addresses for those customers who have subscribed through the stores (unless they have opted in for marketing). 

For these customers we recommend:

  1. Putting messaging in the app's content itself approaching the switch to tell users about the change
  2. If there’s push notification capabilities in the existing version use these to alert users and deep link them into the app store to download the new app
  3. If possible have an overlap where the new app is available and the old version still functions so that you can direct users straight to the new version in the app store from the old app version




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