Create a Latest Widget

Use the Latest Widget to add multiple articles to a horizontal scrolling widget at the top of the Bolt Timeline view. This is a great way to feature recent, popular or breaking news articles.


Before you begin

Best practices

  • For best visual display, add image and headline to every article
  • For best use of the scroll, insert more than 4+ articles to the widget 


  • Only one Latest Widget is supported at this time
  • Sharing is not possible from the timeline view at this time
  • Only articles are accepted in the Latest Widget at this time



Step 1 - Create a Latest Widget

Navigate to the Latest Widget page in the Bolt Widgets submenu.

Click 'Add Latest Widget'. 

Set up the Latest widget details:

  • Enter the page title (note - this is not the Latest Widget title)
  • Enter the Latest Widget title - to be displayed above the articles in the widget.



Step 2 - Add Latest Widget to edition

In the Edition Tags setting, select the edition to display your new Latest Widget.

Save Step 1 & 2 by clicking Publish.



Step 3 - Add an article to the Latest Widget

When creating an article, locate the Add to latest widget checkbox at the bottom of the Bolt Timeline Options field set.

Tick the checkbox to add this article to a Latest Widget.

In the Edition Tags setting, select the same edition that your Latest Widget is currently in.

Save your article by clicking Publish.

Note: any articles not in the same edition will not appear in the Latest Widget.



Step 4 - Update your edition 

Locate the flatplan in your edition, and ensure both your latest widget and your articles are listed in the flatplan. Don't worry your articles won't appear twice!

Note: if your articles are not appearing, update the edition. This should pull any new articles into the flatplan.


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