Create an External Link widget

An External Link Widget can provide title, summary, image, source, url and author information, and will display amongst other widgets in the timeline. Once clicked, it will navigate the user to an external site using the mobile browser.



All bolt widgets can be located in the submenu of the Bolt Widgets menu item.

Provide the following information for the external link widget:

  • Title - add headline text to the widget. Note: this will be capped at 2 lines and an external link icon will display to indicate this is an external source.
  • Image - Upload an image to display on the right side of the widget in the timeline
  • Summary - Add some summary text. This will be capped at 2 lines.
  • Author name - provide an author to the source
  • Content source - provide the original source of the content
  • Source url - provide a source url. This will to navigate the user to the external source.



Bolt Timeline Options

In addition to event widget settings, there are Bolt Timeline options available for all widgets and article types - allowing you to be flexible with how you display your content.

  • Kicker - add text to display at the top of the widget on the timeline
  • Pin - tick checkbox to pin widget to the top of the timeline view
  • Disable sharing - tick to turn off sharing capabilities in the app for this widget
  • Enable commercial banners - coming soon

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