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Creating article content

If you are familiar with creating articles in Pugpig Express, you will find the process very similar with a few additional Pugpig Bolt settings available. For those who need more information about creating basic content for articles please read this documentation.

Creating Bolt specific content

Article image override - by default the Main Media Image will be used on the timeline and article views, use this field to override the image on the timeline view of the app.

Article card layout - choose how you would like your article to display on the timeline view of the app.

  • No image - Headline will span full width of widget and no image will be displayed
  • Small image - Image will display on right side of widget and headline will have reduced width
  • Large image - Image will display full width and above the headline content.
  • No image with summary - Headline and summary will be full width of widget and no image will be displayed
  • Small image with summary - Summary will be included underneath headline and image will display on the right side of widget
  • Large image with summary - Image is full width and displays above headline and summary

TIP: Adding a summary

Adding summary text to the field provided will display a summary underneath the headline on the timeline view of the app. If you cannot see this option, go to Screen Options (located in the top right of the screen) and tick the Summary option.

Kicker - add text to display at the top of the widget on the timeline 

Pin - tick checkbox to pin article to the top of the timeline view

Disable sharing - tick check to turn off sharing capabilities in the app for this article

Enable commercial banners - coming soon

Adding article to the Bolt app

Once you have created your article (using the documentation provided above), ensure that it is tagged into your Bolt feed using the Edition Tags options provided.

Once you have assigned the article the correct edition tag, you will be able to view the article in the flatplan if you visit Editions > Your edition name. From here you can curate your flatplan.


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